Match Report
RGS The Grange Worcester Girls-U11D vs  The Blue Coat School, Birmingham
On: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018
Venue: Away

On Wednesday our U11C's & D's went away to Blue Coat but unfortunately due to the weather we could not play our mini tournament as planned. Instead the girls were split in to 3 totally mixed up 5 a-side teams and sent off to play as much hockey as possible in all the available spaces Blue Coats could find. A huge 'Thank You' to Blue Coat for managing to still host our 57 girls despite the weather!

The first team went outside to on a tiny astro where they were assisted by Mr Gerrish and Mrs Hobson (when their teams weren't playing). Unfortunately the tiny space proved a challenge for our girls who struggled to find space and get past the Blue Coat defence, however, they showed great perseverance and it was a good challenge for their skills to play in such a small space. Well done, girls!

The second team went outside to a walled area with Mrs Bebb, where they were introduced to some of the rules of indoor hockey. It took the girls a little while to get used to being able to play the ball off the walls, however, once they got used to it they thoroughly enjoyed it. Mrs Bebb was really impressed with how they all played - well done, girls!

The third team were the luckiest and got to stay indoors and play in the sports hall, where they too were introduced to the world of indoor hockey and they (and Miss Willis!) absolutely loved it. They particularly enjoyed how fast paced it was and once they got the hang of playing off the walls they fully utilised this to their advantage. Lulu made some fantastic saves in goal and both our attack and defence was extremely strong, scoring some brilliant goals and barely letting Blue Coat in to our D. I was so impressed with your first attempt at indoor hockey girls and I hope to see some of you playing it down at the Senior School in years to come!

Well done to every one of you for playing despite the awful conditions and for having a go at something different and new - you definitely all demonstrated risk taking this afternoon!